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What is Henna ?

Henna (Botanical name Lawsonia Inermis) is a plant which has been used for many centuries by various cultures as a dye. Women has been known to dye their hair with henna which leaves it soft, healthy and orange brown in colours. Henna is also used in ancient Asian Countries as a decoration on hands and feet. Henna plant is grown in a few countries like Egypt, Sudan, Iran. But India is known to be the source of best quality coloured colouring henna.

Why Should I switch to Impression Colour, when I am satisfied with my cream/liquid hair dye ?

As Impression being 100% herbal based and also PPD, Peroxide, Resorcinol and Ammonia Free (These chemicals are known to cause harm to hair on persistent use) it is absolutely harmless to the hair. Moreover it is less expensive while imparting same results as the well known cream based brands in the market.

Can Henna be used by persons with sensitive skin ?

Henna can be used by anybody but some persons have extra sensitive skin and as such could be susceptible to allergy. It is therefore, suggested that a sensitive test as given in this brochures is conducted before each use. Herbs are not known to cause any allergy but by way of abundant caution, sensitive test is suggested in each case.

Why I should do a strand test?

Strand test is to determine the result of colour on your actual hair.

How can I get sample hair strands for conducting strand test?

A few strands can either be taken from the head or by using the fallen hair, from a brush or comb.

How often can the hair colour treatment be done?

n the normal course, application of henna hair colour lasts for about 4 weeks, usage can be repeated thereafter.

Which colour will suit me the best?

Refer the colour chart and choose the colour accordingly. Our product, does not lighten your natural hair colour.

What if I don't see a colour change?

If you don't see a colour change, it means that either you have chosen a colour too close to your natural hair colour or you did not leave the hair colour long enough. A strand test will help you avoid the situation.

Can I change the natural colour of any hair with Impression Colour from Black to Brown

No, the Impression Colour will only cover your grey hair in respective shades. For change of colour bleaching is required.

What is bleach and where it is available ?

The bleach is a creamy lotion/liquid, which is commonly known as `Developer' in market parlance.It is made from another chemical called "Hydrogen Peroxide." The bleach is made by Wella and many other companies sold them separately in small bottles of 40/60 ML size for self users suitable for one/two application depending on size of the hair.

Is bleach harmful to the hair?

The bleach also known as developer is supplied with all cream based hair colours along with the colourant tube as such colours are not effective without use of bleach. Since all chemicals cause some harm, it can be assumed that in the long run, the excessive bleaching can lead to some damage to hair.

What is the outer colour of the powder of Impressions Herbal Based Hair Colour ?

The outer colour of the powder varies from greenish to grayish to black. Because when the powder is newly packed, it looks greenish but over the time due to oxidation it becomes grayish and then black. But it does not affect the quality of the product.

What is the method of application ?

The same is given earlier in the website.

Can the use of herbal based hair colours cause cancer?

Till date there is no study/research indicating such problem.

Does these colours result in premature graying ?

No, Impression Colour do not cause any premature greying. Premature greying is caused by different reasons like use of heavy bleaching chemicals, lack of vitamins, mental stress etc.

Can Impression Colour be used during pregnancy ?

It is suggested that such a use is done only after consulting the Doctor/Physician.

Absolutely unlike most hair colourants, Impression Natural Colour has 100% herbal ingredients and contains no traces of harmful ammonia, peroxide, metallic salts or drying alcohol. Yet it delivers glorious, permanent colour that will cover even stubborn gray.

Can I use Impression Natural Colour after other chemical hair treatments?

Absolutely In fact, Impression Natural Colour excellent conditioning properties make dull, dry hair more manageable, while looking healthier and more natural. It is safe to use on hair that has been treated with chemical based colours.

My hair is very short. Can I save left over mixture for the next time I colour?

No, because the unused mixture will quickly lose effectiveness. Use only one sachet. One pack is sufficient, if you have long hair use more than one pouch. However, be sure the mixture completely covers your hair, and then throw the rest away.

Can I apply two different shades in one day?

Yes, you can. You can apply one shade right over another. Make sure to apply darker shade on lighter shade. Polymerization is a process in which relatively small molecules, called monomers, combine chemically to produce a very large chainlike or network molecule, called a polymer. Hair is make up of mostly protein and proteins are one of many types of natural polymers. Polymerization causes the hair dye molecules to bond with the natural colour molecules inside the hair.

Can I lighten my hair colour with Impression Natural Colour?

Since Impression Natural Colour doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide, it won’t lighten your hair colour. If you choose any of our Black, Burgundy or Brown shades, your hair will look great no matter what your hair colour is.

More Questions / Doubts?

Dear Customers, we have answered all the question that a user can possibly ask. However, if you have more questions do send us a mail at our email id. We will be happy to answer it for you specifically.

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